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Discover the power of nature with iUNIK’s Tea Tree Relief serum! This potent formula combines tea tree extract water (67%) and Centella Asiatica Leaf (19.5%), leaving your skin feeling irresistibly soft and smooth while calming irritation and acne. Thanks to a patented 6-Sprout extract, you can be sure your complexion will improve, wrinkles can fade away and your skin will radiate intense hydration and nutrition. All of this formulated with 100% Natural ingredients so it’s suitable for every single skin type - even the sensitive ones! Used regularly, this serum will help soothe problem skin today and bring about healthy trends for tomorrow, granting you that much-needed sense of relief. Get back in touch with yourself again with one of nature’s favorites from iUNIK.
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[iUNIK] Tea Tree Relief Serum

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